Meet The Team


Brandon Leach - Co-Owner & CEO

Brandon is a simple guy: He loves BraiZe, the Cubs and his six year old daughter Harper. He has many accomplishments such as obtaining his degree in Entrepreneurship from Illinois State University, Being a Platinum Member with Alaskan Airlines & Once Taking an afternoon nap that lasted until next afternoon. Impressive to say the least.

Favorite BraiZito: Rocky with Mild Giardiniera
Favorite Drink: Ghostfaced Chilla (Jose Silver, Cointreau, Simple Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice, Hint of Spice)


Zack Poleto - Co-owner & Executive Chef

Classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts but loves his punk rock and hip hop. Always have to have a Yin and a Yang, right? Learning from the best in the business in New York and Chicago, Zack brings the spice and heat (literally) to BraiZe's menu. Talk to him for a little while and anybody will pick up this dude is serious about good eats. He's a soft one though, he absolutely loves his puppy.

Favorite BraiZito: Rasta 4 Eye, but as tacos. Every day is Taco Tuesday!
Favorite Drink: Triptych Dank Meme


Cody Mason - Chef de Cuisine

Cody is a true rags to riches story in a restaurant: Starting as a bus boy in a fine dining restaurant and working part time at BraiZe, he put in the long hours, worked extremely hard and learned the sweet science of cooking to now where he is Zack's right hand man in the kitchen. But the real reason why he was so successful in the industry? His comb over. It's a sweet haircut.

Favorite BraiZito: Royale With Cheese
Favorite DrinK: White Oak Brewing Rye'd Up, Hopped Out


Kevin Hu - Director of Operations

Kevin has always had a baby face that will serve him well when gray hairs start appearing. In the restaurant, he is usually found chatting up guests even if he is slightly behind on a couple spreadsheets... or ten. Kevin loves the fast paced lifestyle of restaurant and has over seven years of experience in the industry. He can't slow down on his days off though, Kevin is also an amateur motorcycle racer in the Midwest Region of the Championship Cup Series.

Favorite BraiZito: He' Just A Po' Boy. Grilled shrimp, DUH!
Favorite Drink: Coffee. Black. As long as it's not from a gas station.