Things Guests Ask


So... What Is A "BraiZito" Exactly?

A "BraiZito" is a hot, fresh-baked French Bread hollowed out & stuffed with your choice of fresh ingredients. Doesn't sound delicious enough? The bottom of the bread is grilled in garlic butter so every BraiZito is good until the very last bite.

So... Like a Burrito?

Half sandwich, half burrito. But 100% DELICIOUS!

Do I need Reservations for My Party of 20?

Yes. Please. Reservations for larger parties are encouraged.
Reservations for smaller parties are not required but we will be more than happy to take them!

Are we the same guys as the one That was in the VFW?

Sure are! Same owners, Same great food! Just a little more grown up now. Kinda.

How late is the bar open?

Tuesday-Thursday: 10PM.
Friday-Saturday:   12AM
Sunday:                9PM

Do you guys serve Hamburgers?

Nope. Sorry. Wrong Restaurant.

What about T-Bone Steaks?

Uhh... Nope.

Heard you Do live music... Is this true?

Yes! We support local artists and bands. Check the schedule out on our Facebook Page. Or just show up on Friday & Saturday nights during our Summer Season!